protest1.jpgThe San Francisco Chronical has an article about a protest of ex-gay ministry Desert Stream and their seminar in the heart of San Francisco.

An evangelical Christian minister from Missouri, who came to a San Francisco church to teach gays and lesbians how to become straight, was greeted Saturday by a protest led by a gay theology student who said the preacher’s conversion therapy was so psychologically damaging that he twice attempted suicide when he tried it.

The Bay Area Reporter also covered the seminarians and ex-ex-gays that came to protest the message of brokenness.

Maria Caruana and Todd Ferrell of San Francisco’s Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church came out to join the protesters, wearing purple “Christian + Gay = OK” T-shirts. Ferrell was there, he explained, “To let people know that there are people out there that have found freedom and have a great relationship with God. I don’t think that he intended my life to be in a quandary about change for 40 years. What happened is that I found freedom just by accepting myself and accepting the gift that God gave me as a gay man and suddenly peace and joy and all of the things that I didn’t have before that I was fighting, finally came.”

Additionally, there is video here of the effort.

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