save-me.jpgChad Allen (Dr Quinn, End of the Spear), Robert Gant (Queer as Folk), and Judith Light (Who’s the Boss, Ugly Betty) star in Save Me, an indie film about a young man in an ex-gay ministry. The film premiered yesterday at the Sundance Film Festival and early reporting suggests a well-crafted and nuanced film that sensitively looks at the lives of those who participate in ex-gay ministries.

Unofficially Sundance gives the plot premise

Years in the making, Robert Cary’s exquisite third feature, Save Me, is a film about redemption. Mark (Chad Allen), a lost, young, gay man, leads a wild life of drugs and meaningless sex, searching desperately to fill the emptiness in his soul. When Mark finally hits bottom, his brother checks him into Genesis House, a 12-step, Christian, “ex-gay” ministry specializing in healing sexual brokenness.

USA Today (via AZ-Central) says

Judith Light in “Save Me as Gayle,” a brokenhearted mother who runs a ministry to “cure” gay men. Light’s character is humanized, not demonized. “Save Me” is just as likely to challenge the perceptions of liberals as conservatives. “Just because people are misguided in some way doesn’t mean that they’re bad or evil,” says Light, best known for TV roles in “Who’s the Boss?” and “Ugly Betty.”

And Christianity Today reports

One of the things that struck me about this film was how the filmmakers (some who are themselves gay as we learned during the question and answer time following the screening) portrayed the motives and stories of the conservative Christians who lead the ex-gay ministry with tenderness and grace. Is it possible that many in the gay community are more gracious in their understanding of Evangelical Christians than we are towards them?

I look forward to the opportunity to view this film and share with you my own observations.

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