While recently investigating two articles about or by PFOX, Ex-Gay Watch sought to determine if Richard Cohen remained president of the organization. Cohen is most well known for touch or “holding” therapy as well as having patients emotionally strike pillows with a tennis raquet. After demonstrating these techniques in a string of circus-like mainstream (and not so mainstream) media appearances, Cohen’s name disappeared from PFOX’s website rather unceremoniously.

Ex-Gay Watch emailed Regina Griggs, PFOX’s executive director nearly two weeks ago and more recently Warren Throckmorton seeking an explanation. Throckmorton responded: (printed here with permission)

I decided to stop working with PFOX for one main reason: Richard Cohen’s media appearances (CNN, Jimmie Kimmel and Howard Stern). I like Regina and others with PFOX so I did not make the decision easily. He is not now on the board which I suspect is a delayed fall out of his decisions to demonstrate his techniques publicly. Nothing has changed as far as my relationship with them however.

Mugshot above is of Cohen with one of several Howard Stern Show staffers using indecent exposure to mock same-gender attraction. Photo from The Howard Stern Show rundown, September 15, 2005 (NSFW).

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