While she has denied her lesbian ex-partner visitation that was ordered by Vermont courts, ex-gay biological mother Lisa Miller-Jenkins has apparently sought child support from her ex, Janet Miller-Jenkins.

According to the Rutland Herald,

The child support order filed last month in Rutland Family Court calls for Janet Miller-Jenkins of Fair Haven to pay $240 a month to her former partner, Lisa Miller-Jenkins, the biological parent to the 4-year-old child, Isabella, she conceived by artificial insemination while the couple were joined in a Vermont civil union.

In addition to $240 per month, the order calls for Lisa to pay 73 percent of child Isabella’s health expenses.

Says Michael Mello, a professor at Vermont Law School:

“It [the child-support order] makes sense. If you took the civil union and the same sex couple out of the equation, I don’t think it would be unusual,” he said. “The very routineness of it is what makes it remarkable.”

Mello told the Rutland Herald that he wasn’t sure whether, if Lisa Miller-Jenkins accepted the monthly payment, that she would be agreeing that Janet Miller-Jenkins is a parent to the child.

The Herald provides some helpful context for the current dispute:

In a ruling issued late last year a Virginia appeals court agreed that Vermont courts [which favor visitation rights for Janet] have jurisdiction, but Lisa Miller-Jenkins’s attorneys have said they intend to appeal that ruling to Virginia’s highest court, the Virginia Supreme Court.

Rutland Family Court Judge William Cohen last year also found Lisa Miller-Jenkins in contempt for failing to abide by a temporary visitation order he issued earlier in the case.

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