Bergner_72RGB.jpgWe have commented here about the extremist anti-gay political efforts of Nigerian Anglican Arch-Bishop Akinola including his support of a bill that would criminalize reading this website.

We have also discussed how the ex-gay ministries and their leaders have in many cases shifted focus away from those who are struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions and now are primarily political activists.

Now we find reported on the virulently anti-gay conservative Anglican website, Virtue Online, that ex-gay Mario Bergner may have encouraged Akinola in his anti-gay efforts by providing to him – four years ago – ex-gay materials including Jeffrey Satinover’s Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth and Bergner’s own Setting Love In Order.

The Archbishop responded:

The position of the Church of Nigeria on the sexuality agenda of the “West” is well known. Your message to us at this time has further reinforced our position that the society does not have to pull the Church by the nose. We have a duty to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all.

So it seems that at least some of the blame for the current chaos in the Anglican Church can be laid at the feet of the ex-gay movement.


As noted by commenter Jimbo below, the original source of the emails may have been the conservative Anglican Mainstream

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