Last December a broad coalition of anti gay organizations ran this newspaper ad featuring “ex-gays” in opposition to hate crimes legislation. The ad failed to identify what it called “former homosexuals” but those of us familiar with ex-gay groups immediately recognized (from right to left) Randy Thomas, Janet Boynes, and Mike Ensley but the woman on the left remained a mystery.

It’s now apparent she is, Lorraine Durso, a staff member, and evidently ex-gay at Worthy Creations Ministry, an ex-gay ministry in Fort Lauderdale, FL. (Worthy Creations’ website only names its executive director on the website but Exodus’ “2006 Freedom Conference Recap” mentions Durso.)


Durso came to the attention of my fellow gay bloggers when Exodus membership director Randy Thomas announced on his personal weblog a relationship with her and posted photos of the couple.

Congratulations to Randy for what he indicates is a fulfilling and meaningful development in his personal life.

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