To the young people who all too-often desperately stumble upon our website;

Like us, you have no desire to attempt to “change” your sexual orientation. I trust you’re enjoying spending time with your family over the holidays and applaud you for coming out over Thanksgiving and opening up a previously unshared part of yourself with them. I’m so glad to hear it went well.

Merry Christmas, I’m sorry to hear you returned home to find a rather unpleasant pamphlet in your bedroom. I’m sorry to hear people you thought loved you for all that you have made their true feelings known. It pains me to think of these false hopes and expectations being projected upon you and your life. I fear for you, fear you will be physically or financially coerced into whatever that pamphlet in your room is pushing.

The leader of a “gay curing” group recently said ’come out so we can help you’ but to you young reader I say STAY IN. Stay in until you are free to control your own life. Free from the unrealistic expectations of your parents fed to them by anti-gay organizations. Until you are free to develop and live your life as the fully realized and happy gay person you desire to be.

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