“This is Steve,” the demon says. “He thought his homosexual lifestyle was everything a real man could want, but now he’s dying of AIDS.”

The Gay and Lesbian Task Force has issued a new report titled Homophobia at Hell House. From the report:

One scene described on the Hell House Web site depicts a demon –– Hell House’s tour guide –– and an “angel of the Lord” arguing over a young lesbian’s sexuality. The demon tells the character Jamie that God “made” her a lesbian, and because of conflict over her sexual orientation, Jamie commits suicide.14 The Hell House kit describes this scene as “captur[ing] an incredibly compelling exposé that unmasks the ‘born-gay’ lie.”15 This is consistent with the message of “ex-gay” organizations, who have recently invested in programs specifically designed to reach out to youth with the message that they can change their sexual orientation through some combination of “therapy” and religious conversion.

Via Right Wing Watch.

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