Late this afternoon, Dr. Warren Throckmorton wrote in his blog:

Call me crazy but I have decided not to present the Sexual Identity Therapy Guidelines at the NARTH conference in November. In addition to other reasons, I am in disbelief that the leadership of NARTH has not come out against the article by Gerald Schoenewolf regarding political correctness. I fear that this is a cloud over NARTH that can only be dispelled by decisive action and clear statements.

Dr. Throckmorton, a long time supporter of NARTH’s claimed mission, was to speak at their next conference in November.  He has apparently changed his mind in the wake of NARTH’s attempt to escape accountability for the Schoenewolf document which presented a justification for slavery and, until recently, appeared on their site at

In addition, Dr. Throckmorton writes:

Furthermore, I have been informed that David Blakeslee has resigned his membership in NARTH and the NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee, in part due to the ambiguous responses from NARTH regarding the Schoenewolf controversy.

Dr. David Blakeslee has shown his dismay over this matter in posts he has made here and on NARTH’s blog.   We sincerely congratulate him for making this move of conscience, though we understand that such decisions are often difficult for the individual.  We are certain that Dr. Thockmorton also anquished over his decision to pull out of the next conference and we thank him for his honesty in doing so and reporting it on his blog in such a candid manor.

Only time will tell if NARTH will take responsibility for their membership; what is NARTH if not it’s members?  Or if instead they will continue to disenchant their moderate, rational members until they are left only with the extremists and activists.

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