From NARTH’s Political Correctness Gone Amok: The Latest Controversy (October 10, 2006):

“The bottom line,” said NARTH President Joseph Nicolosi, “is that NARTH’s mission has nothing to do with any social issue others than same-sex attraction. Our mission is to defend our clients’ rights to assert their own values and say, ‘Gay is not who I really am.'”

NARTH’s position statements are In agreement with that are with that statement — for example, nothing is written there about transgender or transsexual people.

So why did NARTH publish an article entitled UK Physician Investigated Over Rushed Sex Change Operations on October 23, 2006?

My opinion: NARTH’s agendas have always been broader than their position statements. One of NARTH’s problems is the organization keeps getting caught having broader agendas than organization president Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. admits. That speaks loudly about NARTH organizational credibility; that speaks loudly about NARTH organization integrity.

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