Last week, the Southern Policy Law Center posted an article about the controversial paper (pdf) written by Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf, a member of the NARTH Board of Scientific Advisors (  Today a response to that article has appeared on the NARTH website titled “Political Correctness Gone Amok: The Latest Controversy.”  It is an anonymous interview of Schoenewolf, who appears to continue his justification while complaining that liberals are making it hard for people like him to speak their mind.

These so-called “liberal” groups are driving social conservatives and libertarians out of the debate with their misuse of their comments, said Schoenewolf.

Dr. Warren Throckmorton was quick to post his comments about this interview on his blog.

While we are on that point, I do not see why one would imply that a moral evil is of necessity associated with an eventual benefit. This assumes that the only way the current good (African-Americans are here and not in famine and war-torn Africa) could have happened is via the moral evil (slavery).

Throckmorton sums up the tone of the interview well:

Bottom line message I get from this new article: If you express disagreement with Dr. Schoenewolf, you must be a “so-called liberal” who is intent on stiffling dialogue.

Review a time line of the entire controversy.

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