This is a follow-up to Love In Action’s Day in Court.

Love In Action Settles Lawsuit With Tennessee. Excerpt:

On Friday, Love in Action announced a settlement in which the state agreed that the facilities did not need to be licensed and agreed to pay the organization’s attorneys’ fees and expenses in the lawsuit.

In return, Love in Action agreed that its employees would not administer or regulate the medications of program participants.

“TDMHDD is pleased that the case has been settled to the satisfaction of all parties involved,” department spokes woman Jill M. Hudson said in a statement.

Love In Action’s stated mission is “the prevention or remediation of unhealthy and destructive behaviors facing families, adults and adolescents,” including promiscuity, pornography and homosexuality

So, the Love In Action program will continue with minor changes…

And, The State of Tennessee will pick up the legal tab for all sides in the case. I can’t imagine this conclusion is one that many LGBT activists will be satisfied with.

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