Lobbyist Randy Thomas complains on the Exodus blog that, at the Family Research Council’s misnamed “Liberty Sunday” event last weekend, a reporter for the Boston Herald chuckled at the label “ex-gay” and refused to receive ex-gay materials or interview ex-gay activists.

Thomas uses the Exodus blog entry to point the unnamed reporter to the Code of Ethics for the Society of Professional Journalists. This is a code that Exodus refuses to practice in its own blogging, lobbying, and media relations.

Thomas says:

People like Alan, including myself, are not gay whether the Boston Herald tolerates that fact or not. Diversity and tolerance includes people like us. If that fact is denied, then true diversity and/or tolerance is not displayed.

But Thomas has periodically admitted that he’s still same-sex-attracted. So by his own admission, he’s both not-gay and gay at the same time. He demands tolerance not for true former homosexuals, but for intentional mislabeling and misrepresentation. In other words, Thomas believes it is the duty of a reporter to parrot his political correctness.

He might have been right if he had said that true former homosexuals deserve tolerance. And he’s right that some journalists (TV talking heads especially) should show a little more respect for their subjects. But I fail to see why journalists for a reputable news organization should “tolerate” political correctness whether it comes from the left or from Exodus.

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