The leadership at Exodus seems to have come up with a bizarre and totally unsubstantiated new talking-point claiming “most” gay people don’t care much for the work of gay-rights groups. In Exodus’ book “God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door” Randy Thomas is so kind as to oversimplify all gays and lesbians into three “groups of homosexuals.” From page 126 describing the “moderate” type of homosexual:


Perhaps to your surprise, I can say that most people who identify as gay or lesbian are like these women.

…Most moderate homosexuals are grateful to live in the United States and will challenge the gay establishment’s “groupthink” regarding gay activism. Many are also mortified by what the militant gay activist community proposes on behalf of everyone else in the gay community.

Alan Chambers was spouting the same thing on NPR two weeks ago. Both Chambers and Thomas cite “personal experience” as justification for this nonsense. Where Exodus hasn’t, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force actually bothered to do a survey to determine that gay people are in-fact interested in laws that protect them.

Really, why bother justifying your claims when you can just operate under the declaration of “proclaiming the Biblical truth” about “homosexuals?”

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