As if to prove Dick Armey right, James Dobson is scrambling to shore up his own power in the Republican Party.

Speaking in Tennessee, Dobson asked his Christian audience to put the Mark Foley scandal behind them, and to vote for a straight Republican ticket — apparently without regard to how morally and financially corrupt the party has become.

As The Tennessean notes, Dobson is battling a growing realization among evangelicals that there are nonpartisan Christian public-policy alternatives to the politically corrupt Focus on the Family and Family Research Council.

According to Tennessee state Sen. Roy Herron, who co-chairs, “Christians are refusing to let extreme right-wing politicians define what God calls this country to be about,” Herron said.

In the month the Web site has been up, has gotten about 325,000 hits, signed up 1,400 registered users and posted 250 articles on topics ranging from torture to reducing abortions, said Jesse Lava, co-founder and executive director.

Herron said Tennessee Democrats had told him they are “woefully weary of being told because they are Democrats that they can’t be Christians.”

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