Recent discussions on this site and others have revolved around whether Christians who are parents, pastors, grandparents or friends of gay people and that attend anti/ex-gay conferences are motivated by hate. The authors and frequent participants of XGW agreed that fear and misunderstanding of gay people were more likely to be the true reason for these people to be open to the ex-gay message.

But that is not to suggest that there are not those who feed those fears with false claims about gay people and “the homosexual lifestyle”. It may be that some of those who spread lies are doing so out of their own fears but I do believe that there are some anti-gay activists who are motivated by hatred. It is evident in everything they say and do.

Some anti-gay activists are obvious haters: Paul Cameron with his portfolio of bogus “research”; Lou Sheldon with his rants and sermons; James Hartline with his paranoid delusions; Michael Marcavage with his disruptions and banners.

Others, such as James Dobson and Alan Chambers, probably see anti-gay activism as a source of money or political power. I doubt that they hate the gay people that they know, but the money is good and there’s a rush that comes from brokering votes for a President.

But there are others who are more difficult for me to categorize. One such person is Linda Harvey, “the Founder and President of Mission America, which focuses on homosexuality and its destructive impact on youth.”

Linda is always quick with a nasty word and a vicious lie. But some of her beliefs about gay people are so peculiar that it’s hard to tell whether she’s cynically found herself a “ministry” or whether she’s motivated by a desire to do harm to the lives of gay people. It’s clear that her screeds generate from within and do not reflect even the latest positions of the other religious or ex-gay movements. But is this because it’s a game to her and she couldn’t bother to read anyone else? Or is it because it’s all a reflection of some internal fire that comes spewing out like some volcanic eruption?

Linda’s latest piece is A Seven-Point Plan to Protect Christian Youth Against Homosexuality which is published on LifeSite, an anti-individual-liberties website. Linda warns that “homosexuality is secretly destroying the Christian faith of millions of teens, whether they are involved in the behavior or not”. And her seven points to “rescue them from the darkest and the most destructive of beliefs” are:

1. Teach your youth group the clobber passages.

2. Indoctrinate youth to mistrust science. And lie to them.

Repeat, and repeat again, and repeat again, that there is no evidence in Scripture or in science that homosexuality is inborn.

3. Dehumanize gay people and equate them with pagans.

Increasingly today, “pansexuality” is being encouraged and this is consistent with pagan, ungodly sexuality as depicted both in Scripture and in ancient pagan history and archaeology.

4. Openly gay people who don’t become ex-gay are “condemned forever”.

What condemns a person is refusing to accept Christ as Saviour and lack of repentance, while willfully, deliberately continuing to sin. This is a good place to discuss the number of former homosexuals who are now publicly telling their stories.

5. Embrace homophobia.

Also emphasize that Christians do not have to apologize for what the Bible says about homosexuality… Sentences that start with, “I’m not homophobic, but….” are concessions to a framework of thinking that those advocating homosexuality have developed and our culture often now accepts, but Christians should not.

6. Scare children with wild claims about the health risks of “the homosexual lifestyle” and try to convince them that condoms don’t work.

It’s important to cover HIV risks, the lack of protection of condoms, the risks of oral sex, and the risks of anal sex. Also, one should mention the highly promiscuous nature of adult, homosexual lifestyles as most live them.

7. Don’t let your kids have gay friends.

Finally, we need to caution our kids against friendships with people practicing homosexual behavior, and with those who condone it, particularly those who call themselves Christians.

It’s pretty clear that Linda has taken Number 7 to heart. Considering the wild claims she’s made over the years, it’s fairly evident that Linda has no close relationship with gay people (especially gay Christians) and likes it that way.

But is that because she fears gay people? Or because she hates them?

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