Christian rightist Chuck Baldwin is criticizing the immoral and self-serving politics of Jerry Falwell and George Bush — and, by extension, the acolytes of Falwell and Bush who in recent years have seized command of Exodus International.

(Falwell keynoted Exodus’ 2005 annual conference, and Exodus leaders Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas offer public endorsements of Bush frequently.)

Dr. Falwell’s column is entitled, “The candidate who can win in 2008.” He begins his column by saying, “First, any presidential candidate who wishes to secure the evangelical vote, which is essential to victory for a Republican, must be a social and fiscal conservative.”

I must respond by saying, I only wish that were true! However, the fact is, evangelicals across the country (including Jerry Falwell) have enthusiastically supported George W. Bush, and Bush is anything but a conservative. [ ]

The truth is, President Bush has done nothing to stop legalized abortion. [ ]

In addition, President Bush has repeatedly expressed his support for homosexual unions. [ ]

Furthermore, to call George W. Bush a fiscal conservative is a misnomer, to say the least. President Bush has increased federal spending and federal deficits to levels never seen before. His spending habits rival those of the most liberal Democrats. In nearly six years as President, George Bush has not vetoed a single spending bill. Not one.

To say that a Republican must be a social and fiscal conservative in order to obtain the evangelical vote just isn’t true. George W. Bush has proven that Evangelicals are willing to support Republican administrations (and candidates) no matter how liberal they behave. All that seems to be necessary for Republicans to obtain the evangelical vote is for them to profess Christianity and talk conservative. [ ]

As to the war in Iraq, do we Christians really desire that our young men and women continue to die in another non-declared, no-win war? Is it wrong to wonder whether this never-ending “war on terror” really serves the cause of national security or rather the commercial interests of globalists? Do Evangelicals really have a litmus test whereby any future president must be determined to continue and perhaps expand constant interventionist policies, nation-building, and preemptive invasions of foreign countries? Must we be equally determined to turn the United States into an Orwellian nightmare until life in America looks like one giant airport terminal? None of this reflects historic Christian conservatism as I ever understood it! [ ]

In fact, Bush has done everything he can to encourage illegal immigration! [ ]

For the record, however, I believe evangelical Christians for too long have been unduly wedded to the Republican Party. In my opinion, this has seriously hampered and compromised their ability to stand courageously and independently for critical principles affecting our liberty and national autonomy.

Instead of playing politics and trying to figure out who can win, Christian conservatives need to circle the wagons around truth and constitutional government and let God determine the winner. We need to remember the sage counsel of John Quincy Adams who said, “Duty is ours; results are God’s.” Besides, we haven’t done a very good job of picking winners; why don’t we let the Lord do it for a change?

Source: Mainstream Baptists via Christian Alliance for Progress, September 7, 2006.

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