An infrequent visitor/commenter named Adam Kautz has posted 12 comments at Ex-Gay Watch in the past three years. One prior comment was deleted because Kautz made a personal attack.

More recently, Kautz posted death threats and racial slurs on an exgay website.

Such conduct is unacceptable, and XGW will not allow people exhibiting such conduct — whatever their political, religious or sexual background — to comment here.

We received what I believe to be a sincere and heartfelt apology from Mr. Kautz, but that alone does not alter the ramifications of his actions. Words are cheap if they are not followed up with action to repair the harm one has done to others.

Kautz is not affiliated with XGW and did not make the death threats here, but I believe it is appropriate for websites such as Ex-Gay Watch to hold participants accountable, to the limited extent that is available, for their conduct elsewhere.

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