After being contacted by friend of XGW Scott H, openly gay mayor of Palm Springs Ron Oden rolled out the welcome mat in The Desert Sun:

Palm Spring’s openly gay mayor, Ron Oden, says the valley should welcome a controversial religious alliance condemning homosexuality with open arms, not picket signs.

Oden believes showing courtesy and kindness will lead to positive education and communication with attendees during next month’s “Love Won Out” conference at Southwest Community Church in Indian Wells, sponsored by conservative Christian groups Focus on the Family and Exodus International.

Here’s the best part:

“However, what better place could they come to find positive role models in the community? We have people here who have been in loving relationships for decades and are successful, self-confident, self-actualized people. And not just one or two. This is a good place to come and see their examples. It may go against what they teach. My job as mayor is to welcome people.”

Apparently having not understood that last paragraph it appears some locals have gotten their panties all up in a bind and the mayor is now holding a press conference to clear up confusion. More stories here and here.

Anyone wishing to participate in the welcome party for our friends at Love Won Out in Palm Springs, please contact myself or Scott H. LWO check-in is from 7-8am and the “Unity Rally” isn’t until 11am so our event will conclude giving participants time to go to the “Unity Rally” to be held in Palm Springs being thrown by larger organizations.

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