Both NARTH and the Tradititional Values Coalition have published summaries/reactions to a story in The Advocate titled Life in the T Zone – With the aid of testosterone, biological women are expanding the old ideas of male and female. But being gender-queer can involve health risks.”

Before XGW reader Autumn brought this to my attention I’d heard the term gender-queer before. I learned gender-queer is an identity for people who have no desire to get sexual reassignment surgery but don’t wish to present themselves as either of the two binary genders our society presents them with. Oftentimes that involves prescribed hormones such as testosterone. To be clear, The Advocate article is stricly about the gender-queer identity and makes no mention of shemales, transvestites or drag queens.

In the NARTH article, after summarizing and quoting The Advocate, the following is tacked on as though it were quoted from The Advocate as well:

Many individuals who consider themselves transgendered, undergo only partial surgeries or hormone treatments and identify as She/Males. Numbers of these individuals become part of the online pornography industry. Sexually explicit She/Male sites number in the hundreds online.

In the TVC article (cahed version), after summarizing and quoting The Advocate, we encounter this little turd:

They [transgender activists] seek to gain special rights for cross-dressers, transvestites, drag queens, and She/Males (individuals who undergo only half of a sex change operation and live as half man/half woman. These seriously disturbed individuals typically get involved in obscene and graphic pornography online.)

Both NARTH and the TVC appear to be trying to create a link between upstanding transgendered people and some of the most outrageous pornography available online. For a “Christian” organization and a professional mental health organization to use the term “shemales” in connection with transgendered people is shameful. Lou Sheldon I expect this from, Nicolosi should be better than this (to be fair no author is listed for the NARTH article). Then again, in one of my therapy sessions when I remarked I was having trouble maintaining a masculine demeanor Nicolosi replied:

“we all know when we’re acting a little bit faggy”

Perhaps Joe should begin choosing his words more carefully. Wikipedia has an excellent explanation of why the term “shemale” is so offensive:

The term “shemale” (along with tranny and “chick with dick”) is commonly, but not exclusively, used in pornography and the sex industry; videos and magazines involving such people are a common sub-genre of pornography. It is often seen by transsexual people as a powerful term of abuse.

This is why NARTH and the TVC’s equating of gender-queer people with “shemales” is shameful. Google “shemale” (I’ll spare you a link) and all you’re going to find is hard-core pornography. Such a thing has no place in a serious discussion of gender roles and conformity.

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