Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute has been completely discredited. After being expelled from the American Psychological Association and condemned by resolution of the Nebraska Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association, it would seem logical that Cameron would not be quoted as a “source”.

Years of obviously inaccurate “studies” and debunked claims should suggest that those associated with Cameron have no regard for honesty. Even Exodus tries to not appear too closely linked to Cameron’s reports. But there are always some so hungry for a negative thing to say about gay people that they are willing to sell their integrity in order to push an agenda of hate.

One such person would seem to be Audrey Barrick, Christian Post reporter, who trumpets Cameron’s latest claims under the headline Survey: One-Third of Foster-Parent Molestations Homosexual. According to Cameron (via Barrick):

A tally from Illinois and Minnesota (2003-2005) showed that a third of foster-parent molestation perpetrators engaged in homosexuality with their charges – their own foster-children.

This “survey” is a regurgitation of Cameron’s year old claim that got the Texas Eagle Forum in hot water and was debunked in the Wall Street Journal.

This required several leaps of logic, some of which I’ll discuss later. The biggest is that Dr. Cameron had no data about the makeup of homes in which the Illinois children were abused; indeed, a state DCFS spokeswoman told me the agency doesn’t record whether households are same-sex. It’s possible that much of what Dr. Cameron calls homosexual abuse occurred in what would be considered heterosexual homes.

Nonetheless, Barrick dutifully reports

Family Research Institute pointed out that homosexuals comprise between 2 to 4 percent of adults, as studies reported, “thus the figures above indicate a disproportionate amount of homosexual molestation.”

and slides in the anti-gay agenda

“These 40 foster-parent molesters, given the limited official information about molestations of foster children, comprise one of the largest samples in the literature on this issue,” said Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Family Research Institute, in a released statement. “And the evidence keeps on accumulating, indicating that those who engage in homosexuality are much more apt to sexually abuse their foster-children. Children are our most important possession; they must be protected form predators. One way to do that is to bar homosexuals from fostering or adopting children.”

For all Barrick knows, or Cameron for that matter, every single incident of molestation occurred in households of married individuals who attend church on Sunday and contribute to Focus on the Family. To claim that children can be “protected” by barring “homosexuals from fostering or adopting children” is nothing but a deception based on bias.

But Barrick is not alone in alone in her abdication of ethics in favor of homophobia. She’s joined this week by Bill Fancher, Fred Jackson, and Jody Brown of Agape Press in an article critical of the World AIDS Conference.

It is very difficult to locate the Agape in the opening comments from the three:

Pro-family advocates say the International AIDS Conference taking place in Toronto this week is a huge waste of time and money — as well as an opportunity for those in attendance to take a swipe at sexual abstinence as a way to combat the deadly disease.

In a world with tens of millions of cases of HIV infection, most of whom live impoverished and without any hope of treatment, the united efforts of nations, medical providers, and philanthropists who are joining together to fight this pandemic are written off by these three as “a huge waste of time and money”.

The reason? Because the Conference is not focused on preventing gay sex.

Using Paul Cameron as their source, Fancher, Jackson, and Brown show an amazing display of ignorance about the current face of AIDS in the world

He points out that billions of American dollars are spent trying to convince smokers to quit smoking — yet homosexuals are told researchers will do all they can to stem the spread of AIDS so that they can continue to have sex, the number-one cause of AIDS. Cameron feels there is no logic to such an approach.

Dr. Cameron has attended the International AIDS Conference before, but has been denied a booth to promote abstinence of homosexual sex as a preventive measure.

But would “abstinence of homosexual sex” have any impact on AIDS on a global scale? Not if you believe the information provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Worldwide, more than 90 percent of all adolescent and adult HIV infections have resulted from heterosexual intercourse.

If Cameron has indeed attended the International AIDS Conference before, he would know that vast majority of AIDS cases world wide are not gay men. And he would know that he’s doing nothing but sowing animosity and stirring up fear and hatred. Cameron again demonstrates his willingness to say anything no matter how untruthful or morally reprobate in his goal to demonize gay people and seek harm to their lives.

And Barrick, Fancher, Jackson, and Brown have shown themselves willing accomplices.

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