Anti-gay activists spend millions of dollars every year to promote the idea that “change is possible”. Although there is no empirical evidence to support their claims and although their most touted “study” only claims that a miniscule percentage of gay people might be able to reorient, countless hours and small fortunes are spent to give the impression that gay people could be heterosexual if they just tried.

The reason for this deceptive effort is demonstrated in a decision by the Supreme Court of the State of Washington today. Writing for the majority in a 5-4 decision that gay couples are not entitled to equal protection under the Constitution, Judge Barbara Madsen justified her upholding of discrimination based on ex-gay arguments:

Laws challenged on the basis of race or sex discrimination are generally subjected to more searching review. But Justice Madsen wrote that the plaintiffs were not entitled to such review because they had not demonstrated that homosexuality is an immutable characteristic like race or gender.

It is for this reason that it is ever more necessary that XGW continue to point out the lies, distortions, and deceiptful efforts employed by those who make claims about reorientation. And too, as the ex-gay movement continues its direction towards a purely political machine, we need to be ready to help and care for those wounded struggling individuals who are cannon fodder in the anti-gay culture war.

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