In an ironic twist, a priest in Latvia tells of his efforts to become ex-gay and how after they failed he found acceptance from God.

I was born in a communist family. When I was 12, I recognized that I was gay and I tried all sort of therapy to change my sexual orientation. I visited several psychiatrists and psychologists in six different countries!

When I was 17, after I tried a lot of doctors who did not succeed in changing me, I became Christian. At that point, I understood that if people cannot accept me, and I cannot accept myself, then God will accept me. Finally, I became Christian only because I was homosexual.

We wish Rev. Maris Sants all of God’s grace and protection in his plans to hold a service at the Anglican church after the gay human rights march in Riga on Saturday. The Latvian population is harshly anti-gay and the marchers do so under the threat of violence from Christian conservatives, nationalists and neo-Nazis.


About 50 people attended the service. Several hundred anti-gay skinheads and Russian Orthodox gathered outside. Although some worshipers were able to leave by the back door, some were pelted with excrement and eggs when they left. The police were reported to have watched and done nothing. A taxi with Swedish gays heading to the airport after the event was also attacked and anti-gays tried to run it off the road. Latvian police later arrested 14 people (13 of them on non-criminal administrative charges) related to the attacks.,20867,19878988-1702,00.html

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