Gay Pride in Kansas City was invaded by an anti-gay clown. And this one was dressed up in clown make-up.

It was a busy busy day for fighting the Gay Agenda at AgapePress. But our good buddies over there took time to bring us a story about an anonymous clown calling himself JM (Jesus’ Messenger) who put cards on 200 car windows.

The clown, who will only identify himself as “JM” (“Jesus’ Messenger”) talked like he actually had a good time as he strolled the grounds, dressed in a rainbow-colored shirt that announced “Jesus is still” on the back. During an interview, our clown says he encountered no resistance as he blanketed better than 200 windshields with business cards announcing the website “” and a peppermint candy kiss attached.

An anti-gay clown? Who’d a thunk it?

The only time I’ve heard of anti-gay clowns was when Stephen Bennett decided to drag a clown brigade to Family Week in Provincetown. Does anyone know if Stephen was in KC for Pride?

A quick glance at suggests that it is some sort of course that can make wonderful changes in your life – for a price, of course. I never was much of a sucker for EST or The Landmark Forum or Course of Miracles so this little program just didn’t appeal to me.

In this little ray of AgapePress sunshine, Dwight Widaman (“Q”, for some unknown reason) interviewed JM and many delightful quotes resulted:

Q: Do you believe there is a gay gene?

JM: Nonsense. If the Word of God was silent on this issue, we might want to line up with the rest of them and “wait and see.” But there is no gay gene waiting to be discovered. Nor ever was. Neither are there little green men on Mars.

See, now. You learn something new every day. I didn’t know, for example, that the Word of God had anything to say about a gay gene. I didn’t even know that the Bible talked about little green men on Mars. I should read it again, or maybe ask a clown.

The clown recommended that when you encounter a “sincere gay stuggler” you should send in the ex-ministries (if not the clowns).

Q: Do you suggest “Exodus” maybe?

JM: Exodus Ministries is good — excellent, actually. But I don’t use them as a first resort, simply because they are so well known. The gay world is aware of Exodus and has already thrown its full weight into discrediting Exodus’ ministry. If your gay friend has already heard of Exodus, what he heard was slanted to “warn” him of this “dangerous” organization.

I bet you didn’t know that we here at XGW are the full weight of the gay world. Now I could afford to lose a couple pounds, but that “full weight” comment was just uncalledfor. (And someone’s gunna get it for dishing Exodus… I’d use a fake name and paint my face, too).

And finally my favorite:

The gay world is used to and prepared to hear that their lifestyle is offensive. But it’s hard to hate a clown!

Oh, it’s probably not as hard as you think.

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