There is an excellent article in the most recent issue of Christianity Today entitled “The Lure of Theocracy.”  It is a great illustration of why some Christians seek a theocracy and more importantly, why they shouldn’t.  A comparison is made between Islamic States and the West, the latter with it’s separation of Church and State.

Several years ago a Muslim man said to me, “I find no guidance in the Qur’an on how Muslims should live as a minority in a society and no guidance in the New Testament on how Christians should live as a majority.” He put his finger on a central difference between the two faiths. One, born at Pentecost, tends to thrive cross-culturally and even counterculturally, often coexisting with oppressive governments. The other, geographically anchored in Mecca, was founded simultaneously as a religion and a state.

Some forget that the wall of separation works both ways; the Civil Government works best when not dominated by the Church and the Church works best when not regulated by the Civil Government.  “Theocratic culture also opens up the potential for moral coercion,” something we can all relate to, but think how much worse it could get!

A good, easy read and perhaps worth saving as an illustration the next time you run into someone who wants to legislate morality but is open to debate.

The Lure of Theocracy

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