Repent America, as we’ve noted many, many times, is a Philadelphia-area group that illegally commandeers town council meetings, storms gay-friendly entertainment festivals, shouts down authorized speakers with megaphones in order to incite chaos, and gives a favorable nod to a federal death penalty for homosexuals.

The exgay network Exodus thinks so highly of the group that it offered Repent America free publicity in exgay ads last year.

Now Repent America has demanded that the city of Philadelphia commemorate the group’s illegal acts against civil rights with a plaque, since a 1965 gay protest for civil rights was granted its own historical marker.

(Hat tip: Good As You, American Family Association)

If one group can be honored for benefiting American liberty, Repent America seems to argue, then for the sake of “balance,” other groups should be honored for threatening that liberty.

Philadelphia won’t comply with this request, but perhaps Repent America’s friends at Exodus would be willing to create a historical marker in its rented Orlando-area office park, or even a commemorative gold box on Love Won Out registration forms.

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