OOOPS… I didn’t see that Daniel had already posted about this before I posted. Sorry Daniel.

But here’s my take on it:

According to writer Michelle Goldberg, Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas of Exodus International were scheduled to be at President Bush’s anti-gay-families speech in favor of constitutional discrimination. I find this to be disturbing for two reasons.

First, this further illustrates that Exodus International is primarily a political organization and has very little concern with the lives of people who are gay. If their interest was in appealing to same-sex attracted people and sharing a message of hope for change, they would steer clear of political events where their target audience is villified and debased.

This further convinces me that Exodus no longer seeks to provide care to those seeking to reorient but instead has chosen the path to money and power that can be achieved by appealing to the worst fears and biases of anti-gay pastors, parents, and activists.

Second, this invitation lends legitimacy to a fringe organization. Whoever vetted Chambers and Thomas would have to know that their teachings are in direct opposition to every legitimate professional mental heath or childs health organization. They would have to be aware that Exodus has made claims that have been called by us and many others into question. Yet the White House was willing to invite these people to an event solely due to their anti-gay activism.

This sort of pandering discredits both the administration and our country.

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