has this about an ex-gay camp plot:

Luke’s birth father (don’t ask–it’s a long story) recently reappeared, and next week will try to send Luke to an ex-gay camp. Given how pro-gay the show has been, I suspect that ATWT will somehow make it clear how awful those places are, whether or not Luke actually goes to one. Best of all, the fan forums on ATWT have been full of righteous indignation that Luke might be sent to such a place. Viewers have really taken to Luke and want his mother to accept him as is.

I read posts from teenagers, straight women, and mothers, all saying how ticked they would be if the writers actually did something so barbaric. AfterElton has written about the importance of soap operas to gay issues before, but I’ll say it again: These shows are watched by a lot of folks in the red states, and being exposed to Luke’s story is a great thing for them—and us.

If you watch the show, check it out and let us know how this plot is played out.

ALSO for those who watch BBC America’s Footballers Wives

Gay soccer (“football”) player Noah joined a church in the last episode to heal his homosexuality. Those on other continents who saw this plot theme several years ago before it came to the US will probably know what happens. Don’t tell us 🙂

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