Offending mannequins

Article 8’s two primary gripes with the Macy*s mannequins appear to be:

“Very bizarre. One mannequin is wearing what looks like some of rainbow skirt. And when was the last time you saw male store mannequins with breasts like those? What’s that all about?”

The breast issue is so patently absurd I’m not going to address it other than saying these people have clearly never walked past a Hollister or Abercrombie window display. Not everyone in Boston is flat-chested or has a beer-gut.

But on to the business at hand. Many religious conservatives, including Stephen Bennett, seem to think gender expression is divinely created with absolutist standards. Judging by Article 8’s comment I’m guessing they find a male mannequin wearing a “skirt” offensive because it goes against their God’s absolute standards of gender expression. In response to this I present:

The Lungi, worn commonly by men in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

And here’s the outfit which offended Article 8. It’s a t-shirt and lungi. Sure looks similar to the ensemble being modeled by a fellow from Gautam Enterprises, an Indian manufacturer of lungis. Someone better send India an angry letter telling them to get with God’s Article 8’s absolute standards of gender conformity.

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