Glad to be here as a contributor to a blog of which I’ve been an avid reader for over a year. I am British-Canadian, and living in Liverpool, England. It’s hard to describe what I do for a living, since it’s a mixture of things, but most of them involve writing, research, editing and design.

Some of you may know me already from my own blog, which is rarely updated these days, or from various bits and pieces I’ve published around the Internet. British readers may have read my recent article about the ex-gay movement in the UK in Third Way magazine. I’ve not seen a copy yet, but apparently half the world has. I’ll publish the article in installments here in time.

I am an openly practising Anglican, having finally admitted it’s who I am after years struggling internally with unwanted feelings of attraction to the Church of England. I grew up evangelical and Pentecostal, went to Bible College and had a brief career as an associate pastor in my homeland of BC. It was during that testing two-year period in ministry that I began to question my fundamentalism, and it was on returning to the UK in 2003 that I finally said goodbye to all that.

I have never, strictly speaking, been “ex-gay”. Like so many others, I spent my teenage years praying that the attractions would go away, but thankfully was never roped into reparative therapy. In 2005 I came out as a gay man, a step I thought I would never have the courage to take.

I look forward to putting in my 2-cents-worth, and sharing with you a bit of what I’m researching here in the UK.

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