Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, and many other anti-gay leaders of the ex-gay movement are in Washington, D.C. lending their support to efforts to exclude gay couples from the protections of equality promised by the United States Constitution. They do this under the guise of Christianity.

However, Mark Dayton, Senator from Minnesota, brought his faith to this debate and found within his Christianity a different commandment:

In addition to being un-American this amendment is also un-Christian.

Now I hesitate to bring religion into this debate. I’m highly skeptical of politicians who do so. Giving a Bible to a politician is like giving a blowtorch to a pyromaniac.

However, I re-read the New Testament in preparation for this debate. And I cannot find a single instance in any of the four Gospels in which my savior Jesus Christ speaks a single word against same-sex marriages or even same-sex relationships.

He intones six times against divorce and twelve times against adultery. Yet I’m not aware of any proposed constitutional amendment to ban either of them. Nor would I support them.

But I also know that he preached for love and acceptance and against hatred and discrimination. He said the great commandment was to love God and the second was like unto it, to love thy neighbor as thyself. Not just your family member, not just your friend, but to love your neighbor, whoever happens to be living beside you, as you would yourself.

There is no love in this constitutional amendment. There’s discrimination and underneath discrimination lies judgment and hatred.

Jesus said also to beware of false prophets and charlatans, the fake good doers. And he said the way to tell the difference is that the true believers practice love, while the false prophets preach hate.

And that’s why this amendment is un-Christian.


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