Shawn O’Donnell, whose picture was included for a long time on the home webpage of Exodus International, spoke at the University Christian Ministry at Northwestern University.

As reported by the student newspaper, O’Donnell shared with the students how he entered Love in Action to try and overcome his same sex attraction and how he finally found freedom in accepting himself the way God made him to be.

But O’Donnell said he felt sad when he realized he was still gay even though he had tried to suppress it.

“I didn’t feel any better.’ he said. “I actually felt worse because if anybody had tried not to be (gay), it was me.”

O’Donnell left the ministry when he realized he was still gay, he said.

“After a while I thought, ‘This isn’t working,’” he said. “I was still having these feelings and still having these thoughts.”

O’Donnell’s outreach to these student is admirable and helps counter untruthful claims that some in the ex-gay ministries have made. And his message was taken to heart at NU. As Elena Tsinikas, a peer minister at UCM, said:

“I think there needs to be more than one view of the Church,” the SESP senior said. “People think Christians will harm GLBT people, but there are churches out there who love and accept people.”

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