A shareholder of Ford Motor Company introduced a resolution to have the company remove sexual orientation as a category against which employees could not be discriminated. Most of his ranting, however, had little or nothing to do with non-discrimation policy.

Ford shareholder Tom Strobhar, who is a pro-family activist from Ohio, publicly read the proposed resolution and spoke in its favor. He outlined several reasons why he felt his fellow shareholders should pass the resolution.

“Ford is paying domestic partner benefits while cutting retirement benefits. Our company is closing plants while building gay and lesbian centers,” he stated. In addition, he said, the company gives shareholder money — which Strobhar described as “the fruit of all our employees’ labor” — to the largest homosexual organizations in the country. “These organizations use it to aggressively promote same-sex marriage. In addition, we advertise in publications whose primary focus is gay sex.”

The Ford shareholders voted 95% against Strobhar’s resolution. However, because the issue received more than one percent of the vote, Stobhar can show up next year and spew his bizarre and hateful rhetoric again. The American Family Association considers this a victory:

Dr. Don Wildmon, founder and chairman of the American Family Association (AFA), says he is extremely pleased with the Ford shareholder vote. “The mere fact that five percent voted for this proposal came as a shock. I think it sends a loud message,” says the AFA leader. “And we’re very grateful that we got that five percent and that this issue can come back up again next year. We have a lot of time to work on it.”

While it would be irresponsible for a gay shareholder to waste the time and resources of Ford Motor Company next year with a resolution condemning the AFA and their efforts to encourage discrimination and to harm Ford’s business through a boycott, I would find it pretty funny. Especially if it got more than 5% of the shareholder vote.

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