“They feel like we’re intolerant. So I guess we should wear that as a badge of honor.”

— Phil Burress of the Cincinnati-based anti-gay Citizens for Community Values on Ohio placing dead last in measures for civil equality for LGBT citizens. Burress is a board member of Exodus International, the exgay network.

Pam Spaulding spotlights an abundance of illogical, self-contradictory talk from Burress in an American Family Association article. Here’s the AFA text:

A pro-homosexual group calling itself Equality of Ohio recently published a nationwide study about so-called discrimination against “gays,” lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals. The study rated the state of Ohio dead last in protecting the “equality” of those groups.

But Phil Burress of the Cincinnati-based pro-family group Citizens for Community Values (CCV) says one has to understand what homosexual activists mean when they talk about equality. What they are really talking about, he asserts, is “special rights” for homosexual, bisexual and transgendered people.

“You would be surprised what it is that they really want,” Burress says. “What they call equality is for everyone to accept their behavior and for them to have access to our children at a very early age, promoting homosexuality as normal.” Opposing the homosexual activists’ agenda is “what they call intolerance,” he contends.

…”What they’re complaining about,” Burress asserts, “is … that they don’t have rights and privileges that override the rest of us who are average working families and people here in the state of Ohio. They want special privileges.”

Also, the pro-family advocate says, homosexual activists want access to the educational system and government sanction of same-sex marriage. “They want to have all the things that the people and the governments and the laws have said that they can’t have,” he says.

Burress complains that what homosexuals call equality is, in fact, equality: “for everyone to accept their behavior … promoting homosexuality as normal.”

Burress assumes that all heterosexual parents are on his side; equates tolerance with homosexual recruitment of children; implies that gay Ohioans don’t work for a living or have families; and calls it “special privileges” when homosexual activists “want to have all the things that the people and the governments and the laws have said that they can’t have.”

Straight from the mouth of the Exodus leadership.

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