From CityBeat, San Diego, April 12:

After a 27-year run, San Diego’s oldest newspaper catering to the gay community, The Update, announced on March 29 that its publishing company, Dawn Media, would cease production of all six of its publications due to lack of advertising revenue.

Meanwhile, Christian crusader and self-professed ex-gay James Hartline is rejoicing in the spoils.


Victory was achieved due to a combination of “prayer, trusting in God and speaking out publicly,” he writes.

“That is so beyond ridiculous,” laughed Amber Thorne, vice president of Dawn Media, who had not read the e-mail before CityBeat called for comment. “It’s merely a matter of finances… and there’s just no advertising. We’ve been dealing with the right wing and the wackos for 28 years, and none of our publications have ever flinched in the eye of their bigotry. Not once.”

So now exgays are so numerous and powerful that they are single-handedly responsible for the print-newspaper industry’s declining ad revenues, layoffs, and newspaper closures.

I’m impressed. Maybe James Hartline invented the Internet, too.

Hat tip: Autumn

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