Sometimes it seems that without gay folk to demonize, the conservative Christian press would have nothing to say. When AgapePress runs out of news on the Christian world, they can always fall back on reruns of anti-gay stories. This not only fills up copy space but also fires up the troops in their culture war – which seems more and more to be a war on gay people’s lives.

For example, today AgapePress is running articles on:

Liberty Counsel, PFOX Join Forces to Spread Truth About Homosexuality

This rerun about PFOX and Liberty Counsel’s alternative to the Day of Silence provides noting more than what they last reported. However, it does have this doozy of a quote from Mat Staver:

“Unfortunately,” Staver notes, “when youths as young as kindergarteners or in second grade on up get indoctrinated with the view that they ought to engage in homosexual activity to determine their sexual identity — that it’s normal, it’s natural, and everyone’s doing it — they ultimately, when they go down that path, can become emotionally and physically damaged because they don’t know the full story.”

When ever has a kindergartener been told they should engage in homosexual activity? And is Mat really proposing that kindergarteners be told “the full story”? This statement has no basis in truth and is just rhetoric calculated to strike fear in ignorant people.

It’s pretty clear from the article that PFOX and Liberty are not concerned at all about discrimination against ex-gay people. Their issue is “relevant health statistics” and “the dangers of such premature and aberrant sexual initiations”. Although the language is couched as though there is discrimination against those who say “change is possible”, it’s clear that the ones they want to protect are those tell other student “change is necessary”.

Shareholder’s Proposal Urges Ford to Stop Pushing Homosexual ‘Marriage’

AgapePress has already run at least one article on this shareholder proposal – and several on AFA’s anti-gay Ford boycott – and there is nothing new presented here.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has refused a request by the Ford Motor Company to keep a homosexual issue off their stockholders’ meeting agenda — a resolution designed to bar the auto manufacturer from promoting same-sex “marriage.”

Of course, the actual resolution is on Ford’s nondiscrimination policy and has nothing whatsoever to do with same-sex marriage. The resolution is “that Ford Motor Company amend its written equal employment opportunity policy to exclude any reference to privacy issues related to sexual interest, activities, or orientation”.

But not all “news” is recycled at AgapePress. Today they have a new story:

Christian Activist Outs Ford’s Connection with ‘Gay Rodeo’ Events

A Christian activist in California says despite what top officials with the Ford Motor Company may state about not giving money to support pro-homosexual social activities, a Ford dealership in Los Angeles is a major supporter of a homosexual rodeo organization in that city.

And who is this Christian activist? None other that ex-gay gadfly James Hartline. As Hartline may not be mentally fully functional, perhaps he cannot distinguish between Ford Motor Company and a Ford dealership. But AgapePress is being deliberately deceptive in their reporting and headline.

The “connection” reported by Hartine is a sponsorship of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA). Viola – a local dealer supporting a local club means Ford Motor Company sponsors IRGA. Having made this extrapolation, Hartline – and AgapePress – go further and make completely false statements like:

According to Hartline, IGRA events do not typically let on in their advertising that they are homosexual events — meaning many uninformed families will attend and be subjected to open displays of sexuality.

Actually, IGRA events advertise themselves as gay rodeos and usually their advertising is in gay press. That’s how they get attendance.

So instead of just watching bucking broncos and barrel racing, families may encounter men dressed up as women as well as “mocking” of family values, says Hartline — and unknowing parents will be very shocked by other things they and their children will see, he adds.

The last time I went to the Los Angeles gay rodeo, I don’t recall seeing any men dressed up as women but I did see some amazing rodeo events. And considering that the event was clearly marked as a gay rodeo, the families would have had to have been as dense as Hartline to not know what they were attending.

AgapePress is so anxious to wage war on “the homosexual lifestyle” that they will say anything. Yes, it’s another day of anti-gay falsehoods at AgapePress.

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