It’s quite likely the only place many gay people will see the diversity day story is in Mike covered the story in a previous post here, as it was reported by the local paper. Frankly, 365gay is on par with WorldNetDaily for journalistic credibility and there are two critical facts 365gay failed to include in their turd of a story:

Virtually every major world religion was represented in the school panel except Christianity and Hinduism. (That even strikes me as unfair.)

When told an ex-gay would be included, the gay representative(s) were the first to pull out.

My own thoughts not touched on by either story:

Why not simply include a Christian and select one who is pro-gay or simply has no desire to attack gay people?

The proposed anti-gay Christian would sure look like an ass showing up at a school diversity day and being the only guest to attack another.

Liberty Counsel cited precedent but does it apply to the exclusion of a panelist who is Christian or ex-gay?

365gay is a disgraceful source of “news.”


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