The Campaign to Defend the Constitution last week accused Focus on the Family of lobbying on behalf of the Louisiana gambling industry.

As Ex-Gay Watch noted then, Focus seemed to admit doing so in the fine print of its response against the Campaign.

Today, Focus diverts attention from the key accusation by attempting to refocus public attention on the peripheral question of whether, and exactly how, Focus was compensated for its lobbying of Louisiana voters. Focus denies that chairman James Dobson was paid.

In unrelated news today, Focus also lobbied on behalf of Peter LaBarbera, an Illinois activist linked to the Constitution Party, which the Southern Poverty Law Center says harbors numerous white-supremacist politicians. Today, Focus cheers LaBarbera’s efforts to distract voters from the Iraq war, soaring deficits, and rising anti-Semitism. LaBarbera is campaigning to mandate discrimination against gay couples in the Illinois constitution.

Finally today, instead of defending traditional Biblical values, Focus seems to redefine the values voter as a white suburban U.S. Republican who confines one’s moral concerns to Focus political positions regarding “prayer in schools, abortion, the proper role of judges, the media’s impact on politics and the defense of marriage.”

Pride, greed, sloth, envy, lust, killing, theft, dishonesty — are none of these sins considered worthy of opposition by voters who possess true moral values?

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