Google News has rejected a request to carry Alains Newsletter because they consider it hate speech. (Big surprise, I know.) Alains Newsletter tends not to accept traffic from XGW so you may have to copy and paste the link into a new window.

Today I noticed the Exodus Live Out Loud blogroll links to the site Writing Right, the personal blog of Stacy L. Harp, a contributor to Alains Newsletter. Harp proudly displays the banner on the right on her site. Click on the image for a full size pop-up.

Alains Newsletter is a publication supported by the Traditional Values Coalition which publishes vile, deliberately inflammatory anti-Islamic content and supports the allegedly racist Constitution Party.

Update: Joe Brummer has taken the time to detail the more outrageous claims Alain’s Newsletter makes about gay people:

  1. Hitler was gay
  2. Gays live 30 years less than straights
  3. Homosexuality is a choice
  4. Homosexuality is a malignancy eating away at the vital organs of sane, responsible, moral society.
  5. Homosexuality is a vile, depraved, dangerous, and eternally damning behavior – a deadly curse on this nation founded, and greatly blessed by Almighty God.
  6. Hate crimes" legislation is a top priority of homosexuals in their desire to gain federal protection as a minority group under federal law. Hate crime bills will be used to force Christian business owners to accommodate homosexual and transgender workers while punishing individuals who may be critical of homosexual sodomy.

Visit Joe’s blog to see his full post.

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