In Wednesday’s Focus on the Family broadcast (03/01/06) Vice President Bill Maier claims links between protests at Love Won Out and unknown vandals who threw eggs at the host church a week prior. Absolutely no evidence exists the egg-throwers were gay, or activists, but Maier states it as fact:

It’s all about compassion and hope and understanding and actually there’s a very effective challenge to the church to be more understanding on this issue. One of the things that Tom [Minnery] didn’t mention is that the church that was hosting this event was egged, it was vandalized. Some gay activists came by a couple days before the conference and threw eggs at the entrance. And yet this pastor, Gene Monez went outside to the two or three hundred protesters, set up a porta-potty for them, served them coffee, gave them sandwiches and engaged with them in dialogue, that is what Christianity is all about.
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Christianity is all about what Bill?

Making unproven allegations?

Slandering the peaceful protesters outside by implying they are the same people who threw eggs?

Bill has no evidence the egg-throwers were gay and I’m not sure how he knows they’re “activists” unless Bill considers the act of petty vandalism a form of activism.

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