Today’s extra-special guest on Straight Talk Radio (03/15/06) was Michael Johnson of ADF talking about their upcoming event, The Day Of Truth. Johnson kept a pretty mild tone speaking about such agreeable things as equal-access and freedom of speech. Bennett however was foaming at the mouth. Here’s a fun excerpt of what Stephen had to say:

Over the years I’ve seen first hand the number of adults, teachers, principals even homosexual activists who have zero to do with the public school getting involved in the homosexuals’ Day of Silence. And you know it’s pretty clear that many people believe these kids are just being used by homosexuals as mere pawns to fight for their right to sin and obviously the Day of Truth was greatly needed because these kids and faculty for that matter were getting railroaded by propaganda from these homosexual activists.
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Bennett’s outrageous claim gay people are “using” children is even more comical when one compares it The Day of Truth’s webpage which is plastered with images of poster-twink Chase Harper.


Chase will be Bennett’s guest on Thursday.

And let’s not forget the unintentionally hilarious Day Of Truth video. Previous XGW coverage.

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