When I was about 8 years old, the moon landings were still fresh and fascinating. Like many kids from that time, a couple of my friends and I decided we were going to build a space ship and go to the moon. What strikes me most about that memory is how real the anticipated trip was to me – a tribute to youthful imagination I suppose. I told my parents, grabbed a bag of grapes and a sandwich I believe, and off we went (well, sort of).

I was recently told of a group calling themselves Christian Exodus and reading over their mission evoked this old memory. They aren’t headed for the moon, however, but to South Carolina. Essentially, they believe the Union (United States) has been going downhill since and including the Abraham Lincoln administration. They seem to have little use for any amendments past number 10 and don’t see any hope that anyone can do much to make what they consider positive change in our Federal Government. Their answer is to pack up and move to SC where they will slowly take over the local politics and secede from the Union in 2016.

I mention this group not because I want to start a round of discussion about “those crazy Christians” (hopefully no one here actually believes this group representative of the average Christian) but to emphasize that, whether they even know it or not, this seems to me the inevitable destination for many who hold to this theocratic message (see dominionism). It is the logical conclusion to so many such arguments, and they are tightly bound to the ideals of the Constitution Party mentioned here recently. One of the three stated reasons for the formation of the group is the Lawrence v. Texas ruling. To get a taste of their view on gay rights, take this quote from the group’s president, Cory Burnell:

How is America to be saved from the onslaught lesbians and sodomites are wreaking on the institution of marriage in the face of huge corporations promoting such evil? Is more compelling evidence necessary that a Christian Exodus is the only chance for retaining a semblance of Christian, American governance? [link]

We also have this from their Position Statement:

ChristianExodus.org recognizes that homosexuality is an unhealthy, unsafe, detrimental behavior that affects all citizens in a community, not just the participants. Additionally, sexual conduct outside the bonds of marriage is not a God-given right. Therefore, homosexual activity is a behavior that a state may regulate and legislate against. [link]

You can read the rest to find out what life would be like in a Constitutionalist’s world – pretty creepy. In some ways, however, it is refreshing to see such groups put their beliefs and intentions out for all to see. We would like to call on other exgay and antigay groups to make their political affiliations as least as clear as LaBarbera,
Foster and Repent America have done – and to justify their decisions. Some people really do believe this stuff; I was 8, what’s their excuse?

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