Congratulations to singer/songwriter Steve Schalchlin for posting the 11,000th reader comment at Ex-Gay Watch.

Schalchlin and his partner Jim Brochu are the co-writers of the 1998 off-Broadway musical The Last Session and the musical comedy The Big Voice: God or Merman?.

Schalchlin (pronounced Shacklin) is one of the Internet’s first bloggers. He began his online diary The Bonus Round in March 1996 as a “goodbye letter to the world” from a man who was then dying of AIDS.

Later, when he wasn’t busy creating fabulous musicals, Schalchlin was instrumental (pardon the pun) in the formation and growth of Bridges Across the Divide, an online project started in 1997 which promotes respectful discussion and bridge-building between gay-tolerant and antigay people.

Congratulations, Steve. We haven’t figured out a prize for this award yet, but we’ll think of something….

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