More gender expression obsession to be had on Benett’s show today courtesy of guest Christine Sneeringer, Executive Director of Worthy Creations:

(+22:45) Christine: God is God, I am not, and that he made me and he made my gender. And that was part of his grand plan and it was supposed to be a good plan and so [stutters] I wanted to, you know, I had to repent of my bad attitudes towards my gender and try and embrace it, and it was awkward but I do enjoy today being a woman.

Irene: You’re a beautiful girl.

Christine: Well thank you I [interrupted]

Stephen: A woman Irene, a woman.

Irene: Well the older you get the less you want to be called “woman.”


Christine: That means a lot because uh, like I said being called sir for so many years it’s nice when people can say, “wow you’re not bad at all.” I don’t usually get called that which is great.

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This is truly bizarre how these ex-gays are pre-occupied with making it a sin to express one’s gender in a way unfamiliar to strangers. Who knew Bennett cared so much about how other people perceive his appearance. However is not the only occasion when Bennett has tried to foist this absolute nonsense, which has NOTHING to do with sexual-orientation on his followers. Let’s not forget the threat posed by Canadian clowns wearing tutus. But that’s nothing in comparison to we’re Bennett’s mission outreach to Providencetown where he gave his volunteers t-shirts colored to match their gender and noted it on his website. (That page on his site has since been taken down but Google cache has preserved it for us.)

The bus parked and we all split into groups of two. The storage doors underneath the bus opened, exposing the awesome sight of over a thousand white gift bags. Each bag had the phrase “You Are Truly Precious in God’s Eyes” printed in pink – the symbolic color of “gays” and lesbians. The bags matched the phrase printed on the special t-shirts we all wore – white shirts for men, pink shirts for women.

I’m sorry, if my former therapist Nicolosi tried telling me the way strangers perceived my personal appearance was a sin I probably would have laughed my way right out his office door and gotten over the whole ex-gay thing even sooner.

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