You all know the story:

Swedish female penguins sent to seduce “homosexual” male Humboldt penguins in a German zoo failed to break up the male twosomes. Bremerhaven Zoo last year shrugged off attacks from gay pride groups as far away as the United States over its efforts to establish breeding penguin pairs.[*]

I’ve been talking to different people about their general reactions to Stephen Bennett’s ongoing radio show and got back two typical answers. Now begins the parable. This additional information was not included in the original penguin news report:

The zookeepers, believing the deviant-penguins spoke English also tried piping a well known ex-gay radio program into the penguin enclosure. The homosexual penguins immediately responded and became very agitated. Some clearly could not tolerate listening and reacted by flapping their tiny little stubby wings around to try and cover their ears. Other penguins could not turn away and stood there tiny beaks agape transfixed by the bizarre spectacle of the broadcasts.

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