Today’s program was the testimony of a woman only identified as “Maureen,” the mother of an independent, out, adult lesbian in a domestic partnership. Note to readers, if this is the sort of story that interests you, join Exodus’ parents email discussion board for a daily deluge of this sort of thing. Like so much ex-gay rhetoric, “Maureen” reminded us how miserable we are all supposed to be. In a letter written to her daughter which she read on the air:

(+9:44) I pray that your spiritual eyes will be opened and that you will see God’s truth. I’ve grieving because you are missing all the blessings God has in store for you. He can’t bless you. You will never have real joy, happiness, contentment and peace as you continue to live in this gay lifestyle. You may that you are happy right now, but that will not last. Real joy and happiness only comes when you walk in God’s truth. (Real Audio / Windows Media)

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