Peter Sprigg is the representative of aggrieved-parents and exgay-lobbying group PFOX on the citizens’ sex-education advisory committee of the Montgomery County school district in suburban Washington.

He is also an antigay activist working for the Family Research Council in Washington.

When he isn’t trying to turn Maryland sex-ed courses into exgay abstinence-only recruitment camps, Sprigg has apparently been battling the teaching of evolution.

Writing for FRC, Sprigg protests the award of legal fees to parents and civil liberties groups that recently won a years-long battle against the mandated teaching of creationism and anti-evolution propaganda in Dover, Pa.

Instead of blaming creationists for wasting years and millions of local taxpayer dollars, Sprigg blames those who believe that science classes should teach… science — and blames children and families of diverse religious backgrounds for opposing forcible proselytization in public facilities.

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