dance.jpgAlan Chambers is quite adept at the semantics-dance as evidenced by a recent Exodus press release:

“While there are some who may not agree with our message, we ask for their consideration and welcome their presence at this event,” said Chambers. “We continue to share our message of hope knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of lives who have been changed by this truth [emphasis added] and there are many more who are longing to hear it.”

Take careful note of the condition Chambers adds this time; he’s a slippery one! Chambers used to claim ex-gays alone numbered in the “hundreds of thousands” but now he’s counting lives “changed by this truth.” Those lives could include ministers, desperate parents unable to deal with the fact their adult children have been out for decades and are now happily married, and various local political bigots looking to use ex-gays as justification for anti-gay legislation. I have asked Chambers to explain his previous statistical claim on numerous occasions via email and even a phone call and he continues to decline my requests for explaination. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch confirms our suspicions that few attendees at last weekend’s LWO were actually ex-gays:

Most of the audience were parents and family members of gay people, while about one-fourth were ministers.

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