On the Exodus e-mail support list for antigay parents, a number of participants have been promoting the exgay-activist video It’s Not Gay.

They say it features “excellent,” factual information from “medical and mental health experts.” They say it proves the “physical and emotional effects of the gay lifestyle” and claim it proves that gay relationships are short-lived. One parent commented:

“This is one of those videos where you just watch it with your child (if they are willing) and put the results into Jesus’ hands knowing that He is in control and loves our children even more than we do, and has a plan for their lives.”

Several parents say the brutality of the video merely demonstrates that the “homosexual lifestyle” is “brutal.”

Caryn Davis of Exodus recommends that antigay parents ask local public libraries to order and house exgay media at taxpayer expense. Naturally, Davis suggests buying the propaganda from an Exodus-affiliated store.

We have discussed before that the antigay activists who appear on the video do not provide the sources of their statistical claims. And some of us know from experience that a parent who shows the video to an adult child sends the message not that they love their children or value the whole truth, but that the parent is eager to misunderstand their child — and easily seduced by vulgar and unsubstantiated stereotypes toward people who are same-sex-attracted.

However, in the absence of a point-by-point analysis of the video’s claims and sources, any argument over the video becomes a pointless indulgence in he-said-she-said rhetoric.

If anyone knows of existing online resources that dispute each of the video’s specific claims, please let us know. If someone wishes to review the video — point by point, play by play — from a strictly clinical perspective, we’d welcome that as well.

I’m not seeking a vague overview of Paul Cameron, nor am I inviting more comments complaining about Michael Johnston or Richard Cohen. I’m requesting a statistical and scientific analysis of every key claim in the video, in sequence, with timestamps as appropriate.

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