From the story titled Microsoft, Others Boycotted For Supporting Washington Gay Rights Bill

When Democrats announced they would reintroduce the LGBT rights bill Microsoft announced it would support the bill. Last week it joined Boeing, Hewlett Packard and Nike in signing a letter to lawmakers urging passage of the measure.

Hutcherson said his call for a national boycott would include all of the companies that signed the letter.

What? Like they’re going to use the alternative to Microsoft? Cos that’s so “pro-family.”


Let’s face it, Apple is faggiest computer company / operating system out there. So what’s the alternative? Well loyal reader Bruce suggested the FreeBSD operating system:


Clearly Satanic. That might pose a problem for “Hutch” as James Dobson calls him. There is another free operating system out there…


That’s right, Linux. Since Central Park Zoo’s Silo has gone all ex-gay Hutcherson will be handing out copies of Linux next Sunday. You can also call 1-800-A-FAMILY and request your free ex-gay edition of the famed “pro-family” open-source operating system.

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